The definitive solution to propel the use of electric vehicles world-wide: Collaborative Charging.

Can you imagine a place to share your charge point while you麓re not using it? And to travel without worrying about where you are going to charge you car? And what about being able to achieve all of this by only having to download a simple App?

Well, the time has come to stop imagining and start enjoying. The Collaborative Charge App, with active charge points throughout the country, represents a before and an after in the world of electric vehicles, and you can be part of it.

This App, an initiative created by CargaTuCoche and sponsored by Iberdrola, aims to solve one of the biggest challenges of electric mobility in this country. The challenge being that 50% of electric vehicle users do not have a viable option to charge their vehicle. The CargaTuCoche Collaborative Charge App has been officially launched with the goal of solving this challenge.

How does the Collaborative Charge App work?

First, download the free App in the Apple Store or GooglePlay.

If you have a charge point to share, you can do it in the easy steps.

  1. Register your charge point in the App.
  2. Receive requests from interested users.
  3. Indicate when you want to share the charge point and how much you would like to charge for it and begin to earn extra money. If you are looking for a charge point to rent, you can choose one close to you. CargaTuCoche will put you in touch with the owner, so you can arrange your charge session. It is that easy

Collaborative Charging has infinite possibilities.

It is an idea designed to take advantage of existing resources, particularly the circle economy, with the goal of tapping into the existing and ever-growing residential charge point infrastructure. This is a solution that makes life easier for EV users, and at the same time, helps the planet.

The project is being launched now and has an unlimited projection. By 2024, we expect to have more than 35.000 users, 4 million charges done and more than 10.000 charge points active throughout Spain.

Already, the Collaborative Charging network is one of the largest charge point networks in the country, and without a doubt, the largest residential one.

What are you waiting for? Become part of Collaborative Charing by downloading the App. There has never been a better moment than now to share your charge point and earn extra money. If you are an EV user without a charge point, you can begin to rent one anywhere in Spain.

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